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Windmill Walkers

A friendly walking club based in the
East Riding of Yorkshire

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Membership documents

Constitution                           (.pdf) Adobe file

Data Protection Policy              (.pdf) Adobe file

Membership Application Form     (.pdf) Adobe file

Ramblers' Walk Leaders' Check List Notes for walk leaders (.pdf) Adobe file


Newsletter link page Newsletters



2021 Walks      (.xlsx) spreadsheet file

2021 Walks      (.pdf) Adobe file


Previous years

Walks History - all walks since 2013      (.xlsx)

Walks History - all walks since 2013      (.pdf) Adobe file

2020 Walks      (.xlsx) spreadsheet file

2020 Walks      (.pdf) Adobe file

2019 Walks      (.xlsx) spreadsheet file

2019 Walks      (.pdf) Adobe file

2018 Walks      (.xlsx) spreadsheet file

2018 Walks      (.pdf) Adobe file

2017 Walks      (.xlsx) spreadsheet file

2017 Walks      (.pdf) Adobe file

2017 Priory 900 - On six Mondays in Spring. (.pdf)

2016 Walks      (.xlsx) spreadsheet file

2016 Walks      (.pdf) Adobe file

Wilberforce Way 2016  (.pdf)

2015 Walks      (.xls) spreadsheet file

2015 Walks      (.pdf) Adobe file

2014 Wednesday Walks      (.xls) spreadsheet

2014 Wednesday Walks       (.pdf) Adobe file

2013 Wednesday Walks      (.xls) spreadsheet

2013 Wednesday Walks       (.pdf) Adobe file

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